The Best Electric Scooters in Singapore 2023

All about Electric scooters.....

All about Electric scooters.....

Top Reasons to Own An Electric Scooter

What are the reasons for buying An Electric Scooter?

There are many reasons why we should consider an e-scooter purchase, not least because they are eco-friendly when compared to a gas-powered car. There are interesting justifications for buying an expensive electric scooter but these were mainly people who needed to justify the purchase to their better half! There are various reasons, some f them are mentioned below which may help you of you are in a tight spot with your significant other.  I’m sure that you know these points already but here is a reminder of the the most essential reasons to buy an electric scooter.

  • Electric Scooters are eco-friendly as compared to vehicle running through fuels
  • Travel for up to 20 miles on one charge
  • Convenient to ride
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and fold
  • If you do not often give anyone a ride
  • Charge overnight or at your destination
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to carry while travelling
  • Don’t like to ask for a ride
  • Enjoy personal freedom while having a ride
  • If your commute is shorter than buy an e-scooter is practical then using a car
  • If there are no parking spaces at your workplace then go for it
  • Affordable as no need to buy gas
  • If you have been banned from driving a gas car for some reason but need personnel transport to commute
  • If there is no nearby bus stop to your home to a bus rout but still need to get around without a car
  • If you cannot pay a big amount for vehicle insurance
  • If there are limited parking spaces at your workplace then go for it
  • If you want to reduce your monthly spending on commuting market, office, malls etc and eliminate taxi costs
  • If you want a smaller and lighter vehicle than a motorbike for a short commute

Other reasons why adults should utilize the scooter….

Our climate is heading in the wrong direction with all the carbon dioxide emissions from cars, factories, and even public transportation. Also there are a few other very good reasons to why you should be utilizing the electric scooter.

  • Learning to ride a scooter is easy
  • These scooters come with high capacity batteries that have long battery life and they are built of high-quality cells providing them a longer lifespan. Most scooters have UL certified chargers and batteries and safety is always a top priority for the brands. Many also possess extra safety features such as multiple circuit breakers, safety switches, and high-quality braking systems (both electrical and mechanical).
  • A much more enjoyable way of travel. An ideal and really fun way to get from one destination to other.
  • Whether you’re a toddler, a kid, a teenager, or an adult there are electric scooters that will fit your needs, age, and weight.
  • The weight for these type of transportation vehicles comes in at around 28 lbs, which means that you can easily carry it and bring with you anywhere.
  • You don’t require a driver license. Most scooters have a top speed below 20 mph. However, we recommend the use of proper safety gear such as a helmet which is required by country law.
  • Apart from chain-saw oil for some motors and changing the tube on the inflatable tires or getting a new battery after a few years, there are little to no maintenance needed. Also if needed the cost for spare parts are very low as compared to car parts.
  • The cost-effectiveness riding one isn’t even comparable to a fuel driven vehicle. Therefore your cost for transportation will be drastically lowered and you will end up with more money in your pockets.
  • The major advantage of you using an electric scooter for the fun of it is that you are lowering your carbon footprint.

The predominant aspects to look for are as below while buying the scooter

  • Speed – fast or slower
  • Warranty of product
  • Spare parts
  • Storage space for the scooter
  • Budget for the scooter
  • Whether a fast charge time important or is it fine if it takes all night?
  • Do your electric scooter need to have air-filled tires?
  • Whether you need an adult version or a teen product?
  • Whether you need to fold the e-scooter for storage or carrying?
  • What kind of mileage range you are looking for?
  • Whether small-profile product is required or a larger machine OK?
  • Can it be put in the trunk of your car?


Know about the electric scooters.

Speed, size, weight, range, reliability and cost are just a few of the factors you need to take into account before you buy an e-scooter. In this guide we have tried to help you understand what’s important to ensure that you pick the best electric scooter for you.

Types Of Electric Scooters

There are many types of electric scooters on the market, some are specifically for children and some are made solely with adults in mind. The best scooters for adults are naturally larger and more sturdy than the kiddo versions but this does not mean to say that a child cannot ride an adult scooter.

  1. Electric Kick scooters
  2. Self balancing electric scooters
  3. Electric Mopeds

Quality of ride: The ride quality of some e-scooters is so bad that they can’t be ridden for more than 1 mile on anything less than a perfect surface.  These e-scooters look great on a web page, but many people stop using them because they are ‘bone shakers’.

There are 3 main factors that affect the ride quality:


  • Solid or air-filled tyres: Air-filled tyres definitely give you a better ride. We strongly recommend that you use a puncture protection fluid (see accessories we recommend) as it’s not easy to mend punctures. Scooter tyres are much more difficult to get on and off than bicycle tyres, which does make fixing punctures far harder. Solid tyres offer a solution to punctures if you are regularly riding where there is a lot of glass, thorns or nails.
  • Suspension: A nice idea, but it only takes out the jarring from the biggest bumps. A scooter with large, air-filled tyres without suspension will give a smoother ride than a scooter with suspension, but with solid tyres and small wheels.

As a rule, you need large wheels with air in your tyres OR you need suspension. If you are going to do a lot of off road, you will need fat treaded tyres.

  • Wheel size: We suggest you avoid wheels less than 8 inches diameter. Smaller wheels give a rougher ride and are more susceptible to getting stuck in potholes

Speed: The speed is determined by the motor power, rider weight, how hard you pump up your tyres and the surface you ride on. The quoted speeds are generally based on a 70kg person using a flat, smooth surface with correctly inflated tyres. Our advice is don’t chase maximum speed. A speed of about 15 mph is ideal. Average walking speed is 4 mph, Road gradient and rider weight will affect the speed at which your scooter can travel; on steep hills, the heavier you are, the slower you will go. 

Brakes: Your safety should always come first, and brakes are important when picking an electric scooter.

There are 3 main types of brakes on electric scooters:

  • Electric brakes: Low maintenance but less effective at stopping you quickly.
  • Disc brakes and drum brakes: The best of all but will wear out over time. They will eventually need to be serviced, just like a car.
  • Foot brakes:Require you to stand on the rear mud guard. Unless you are used to using a kid’s scooter, this takes time to master.

Range: It is important to note that the manufacturers’ quoted ranges for electric scooters are generally best-case examples. Most are based on a light person (70kg) riding on smooth, flat, straight road, with a new battery. Be aware that cheaper scooters have cheaper batteries and the amount of charge they can hold diminishes with every charge.

Build Quality: Most scooters are made in China.  Chinese manufacturers produce some very high-quality products (like the iPhone), but they also produce some absolute rubbish. Some electric scooters look cheap. While the electric scooter industry is in its infancy, it is wise to stick to the bigger, more reputable companies.

Reliability: Electric scooters are still a relatively new product category. Our advice is to stick to the large manufacturers. We have heard of some electric scooter manufactures who have had up to 30% with faults (obviously we would not stock these products).

Two main factors need to be considered:

  • Warranty:
    • Will the company be around in the future to honor it? Going with established companies should give you peace of mind.
    • If you need to use your warranty, where will you need to send your electric scooter? We have heard horror stories of people having a minor fault and needing to send their scooter back to China to be fixed. This has taken months and cost a lot of money.
  • Fakes and cheap Chinese imports: There are a lot of cheap scooters being imported from China. These often look the part, but cut quality (cheap wheel bearings, battery problems, etc).  This results in the scooter failing to operate as it should.  The fakes are hard to spot when purchasing online, but the quality received tends to be terrible. You should only buy from trusted suppliers.

Size: our recommendation to people to consider whether the scooter is the right size for them while riding, and if it is small enough to store conveniently when folded down. Most scooters fold down to make them small enough to store at home, in the car or under the desk.

Some things to consider:

  • Bar height and width
  • Deck size
  • Fold down size

‘Cool’ factor: Some manufacturers have cut costs by borrowing reliable and cheap components from bicycles, and it shows! This does not affect the functionality of the electric scooter, but they do look like home-made devices. Whilst for some people the look and style of the e-scooter may be unimportant, for others it is a priority.

Weight of scooter: It is important to consider how far you might have to carry your scooter at the beginning or end of your journey. Most electric scooters on the market weigh around 15kg, some a bit more, and some a bit less. If you are not so strong, we would suggest you go for one weighing 12.5kg or less.

Maximum Load: Not all electric scooters are built to carry the same load and you should factor this in to your decision making. Scooters designed for Europe tend to have a maximum load of 100 kg. A lot of people who weigh over 100 kg ride these scooters every day. However, you must be warned that this can invalidate your warranty and could be dangerous.

Lights: Some electric scooters have built-in lights, some have reflectors. It is an easy upgrade to put state-of-the-art bicycle lights on your scooter if you are going to do a lot of night riding.

Noise: Some e-scooters make a loud annoying whistling noise from the motor when being ridden (this can be hard to spot in pictures!). We know people who have stopped using their selected electric scooter due to embarrassment caused by the level of noise it makes.

Accessories we recommend

  • Helmet:your electric scooter will be going as fast as a bicycle, so we strongly recommend wearing a helmet at all times.
  • Lock:your electric scooter is a valuable item and having a small portable lock will ensure its safety.
  • Phone holder:allows you to concentrate on riding and the roads – so you’re not holding your phone. Also, very useful too if you need to use maps!
  • Puncture protection fluid:if you have air-filled tyres it is worth using puncture protection fluid to reduce risk of punctures.
  • Lights:extra lights can be attached to your e-scooter for safer night riding and visibility.

 Various light solutions are as below

  1. Headlight just above the front fender
  2. Rear light integrated into the deck
  3. Headlight integrated into vertical handlebar tube
  4. Headlight integrated into the standing deck
  5. Rear light on a rear fender
  6. Headlight on a handlebar
  7. Lights on the side

Cost: In addition to the advertised retail price of your chosen e-scooter, there are a number of cost factors to consider:  

  • Finance available: finance options may make your e-scooter of choice more affordable by spreading the payments across a period of time.
  • Import duty: a few companies are currently quoting very low prices for electric scooters, but they are not being transparent with the total costs. There have been cases where the seemingly cheap e-scooter has gotten stuck in customs and the customer has had to pay around 30% of purchase cost (in VAT and import Tax) before receiving their product.
  • Postage: some reputable retailers offer free delivery, but this is not always the case and postage can be very expensive. Postage is not always listed on product pages, be sure to check carefully!

Please Deal with below points while riding scooter

Get hold of a manual in PDF format wherever you can. A good and safe scooter choice can reduce the possibility of an accident and will help you to enjoy your riding as well. If you are riding an electric scooter for the first time and looking for some safety tips for safe driving, then consider the following top tips. To make your riding safe, comfortable, and straightforward please read follow tips

Read The Manual Thoroughly!

People usually go through the manual after buying the product. But this is, perhaps not the right approach. If you want to get the best deal, you need to read the manual before the purchase. By doing so, it will help you to know how to ride a particular scooter and what its safety options are.

Does the scooter meet your primary requirements?

If you find that you are comfortable with all the operating procedures and it fulfills your security requirement then go ahead with your purchase. Otherwise, you can consider other options, there are plenty of scooters out there. We do try to include a PDF copy of the Electric Scooter Manual in all of our electric scooter reviews. That is, when we can get hold of them!

It may also be worth wearing a high visibility jacket like most motorbike riders do. If other vehicles can see you easily on the road your safety will be significantly increased.

Know The Wiring And Build

You should know the basics of your electric scooter. You can familiarize yourself with the scooter wiring and other systems to fix minor issues while riding. It is a good idea to take close-up photo’s of the wiring connectors, battery connectors and other parts when the Scooter is new. You can then refer to the photo if you need to fix anything later.

Another important reason for dong this is simply that more knowledge will help you to handle your scooter better.

Be Very Familiar With Operating The Scooter

Even though you know the operating procedures from the manual, you need to practice over and over in the real world for the best riding results. Without being familiar with all the idiosyncrasies of your particular model, it is not advised to ride your scooter in a crowded area.

You can create serious complications for both of you and pedestrians or other vehicle users if you’re not completely confident on your e-scooter. So, it is important to understand the functionality of your scooter thoroughly. You should focus more on the basics at first such as the lights, battery, dashboard, speed and braking controls.

Safety Gear

The next thing is the safety of the scooter. After getting the right product according to your requirements, you should consider other safety measures to enjoy a safe and comfortable riding experience. Like a skateboard or any other kick scooter, you also need a helmet for the electric scooter.

Do not take safety lightly and always buy the elbow, knee pads and helmets that are specifically designed for the electric scooters or at least higher speed vehicles like motorbikes. This safety kit can protect you from the most untoward situations and even major accidents.

Traffic Rules

Every rider should learn the traffic rules to protect themselves and others from accidents. As road users, this is also applicable to the electric scooter rider as well. You should follow the same traffic rules as any other vehicle if you are planning to ride in a public space. However, make sure that you are riding the scooter in the correct areas. The law varies from State to State about where you can ride electric vehicles.

Do check your local traffic laws!

If you are a first time rider, always avoid riding in heavy traffic areas and practice on private land before you go out on the streets.

Ride alone

An electric scooter is specifically designed for a single person. You should always ride it alone without trying to accompany anyone even a kid. Never take a pillion rider on the back. As it designed for a single person, your e-scooter can likely not handle more weight. Ultimately, it can be dangerous both for you and for your partner. It is worth taking this seriously to avoid injuries as even the lowest speed crash can cause significant damage to you and your electric scooter.

When the manufacturer notes that weight limit is 150 pounds, that means exactly that.

A 200 pounds person can stay on the deck and even give it a go. That doesn’t mean that if 200 pounds person stands on it will cause total destruction of an electric scooter at the moment and transform whole construction into ash.

No, it means that besides performance which is ruined, your braking system will be overburdened too.

Do Not Attach To Any Other Vehicle

Electric scooters are designed to ride by themselves. Under no circumstance should you attach yourself or your electric scooter to any other vehicle while riding. Do not drag behind other vehicles! Holding onto a faster vehicle will likely lead to an accident and can cause severe injuries. Of course, you can damage your scooter as well.

Avoid Doing Stunts!

Electric scooters are just simply not meant for stunts. There are plenty of other electric vehicles designed for stunts and if you want to do stunts, get one of those instead! To re-iterate, you should absolutely not try to do any stunts while on your e-scooter. As mentioned earlier, scooters designed for a single person and normal riding so they cannot withstand much pressure.

Any additional pressure on the joints, bearing, wheels, stem or brakes can not only shorten their life but you could become part of a serious accident as well.

An adult Electric Scooter is not Like A Toy

Your e-scooter, and we are talking about the powerful adult electric scooters here, is not designed for messing about on. They are proper vehicles, similar to motorbikes and definitely not meant for children.

These adult electric scooters are simply not toys!

If you allow kids to ride your scooter, it can literally endanger their life never mind damage your scooter as well. You should really not allow your child to ride an adult e-scooter. There are plenty of child electric scooters available

Do Not Ride Your electric scooter If It Is Not Functioning Properly

If your scooter has any kind operating problem then check it properly and fix the issue before hopping back on it. If you continue riding it without fixing the issue, it will create problems for you if the scooter breaks down or crashes. You could also shorten the life of your scooter if something is not working right. Make sure that you look after the e-scooter battery. All in all, the rule is; Always ride your scooter in a good condition and maintain your electric scooter properly.

How to maintain scooter to last long

One of the best features about electric scooter is that they require little maintenance. However, there are a few things that will help keep your scooter on the road and running smoothly.

Our electric scooter maintenance article below focuses on this and is split into the two key elements that make up an electric scooter – the battery and then everything else!

Electric scooter battery maintenance

The battery on your electric scooter is probably the most important part. All of our scooters feature lithium-ion batteries which are high performance, low weight and physically much smaller than comparable lead-acid batteries of the past. Advances in battery technology mean that modern mobile batteries are able to provide better efficiency and longer lasting power than ever before.

All batteries, however, have a life-cycle and when you notice a decreased ability to provide lasting charges this means your battery’s life is coming to an end. However, we have the following advice to maximize the life of your electric scooter battery:

Don’t fully deplete the charge from the battery; keep it topped up to at around 90% and prevent overcharging from KERS (the scooter’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which converts your forward momentum to battery charge under breaking). For the longest lifespan, research shows it’s best to store your scooter at around 90% charge.

Most Li-Batteries have a life cycle of 500-1000 charge cycles. A charge cycle involves taking the battery from 100%-0%-100% full. Keeping it topped up reduces the number of full cycles.

The daily operating temperature of the scooter will have an effect on its life.  Extreme conditions outside of the manufacturers specifications may cause battery health to suffer adversely.

We highly recommend using only the charger that was supplied with the scooter or an official replacement. Electric scooters’ batteries can be different in size and type, therefore, using chargers or electric starters from other scooters, older chargers or other types of charger may lead to overcharging, undercharging or improper charging. This could then lead to lasting damage to your e-scooter or even worse it could mean that your scooter won’t start at all.

Looking after everything else! 

Away from the battery the rest of the electric scooter is in general made up of moving parts which over time will become susceptible to wear and tear. These moving parts are things such as wheels and tyres, brake pads and brake handles and the folding joints.

Folding joints aren’t rigid connections and may become loose over time. These can be adjusted as and when using simple household tools or tools included with the scooter. The manual supplied in the box will have scooter specific guide on how to do this.

Additional upgrade parts such as 3 D printed parts, thick battery cover and hard tyres are available for some scooters and these will prolong the lifetime of your scooter.

Brakes: Electric scooters have different methods of braking so the best advice is to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on maintaining the braking system. Scooters with a disc brake will see wear just like on any other brake were over time pads will get worn and need to be replaced. These discs brakes may also need to be adjusted over time as they wear to maintain the expected level of braking.

Different types of brakes are as below

  1. Caliper brakes
  2. Disc brakes
  3. Drum brakes
  4. Rear foot brake
  5. V-brakes
  6. Band brakes
  7. Regenerative electric brakes

Tyres: Your electric scooter will either have an inflatable inner tube tyre or a solid
composite tyre. Tyres will be worn down the same as a car or bike tyre and should be
replaced when tread is worn down. They should be kept at the right pressure to avoid excessive wear on the inner tube. Hard tyres will generally last longer. Finally, the rear tyre on scooters that have a heel break will wear down a lot quicker than the front.


Understanding how to properly look after and maintain your electric scooter will not only ensure the best performance and safe operation but also help towards keeping it fit for use for many years.

Some of the above considerations need to be looked at more frequently than others and at the end of the day, you can’t check too often! 

Although a good overview of electric scooter maintenance, this article is intended as a supplement to your owner’s manual and we would always recommend consulting that before performing any type of maintenance work as this will have important model-specific information.

To sum up

I hope that you made up your mind. There is one advice or two you could use, and if you haven’t decided yet, I am sure that you are a bit closer.

That was the primary goal, help you and introduce with everything electric scooters have on the table for users. 

I hope that this list of types covers all needs and demands that anyone can have. Electric kick scooter group is huge, and it was a pleasure to introduce you to the basics. It was necessary breaking down that enormous group to give you clear insight. Hope you enjoyed it and you see it all more evident now.

Our Best Picks

Features :

  • Braking Distance : 4 meters
  • Braking Method : Regenerative Braking + Disc Brakes
  • Front Lighting : 11W High Brightness Lights
  • Rear Lighting : LED Light
  • Tire Material : Inflatable Rubber Tires
  • Charger Rated Power : 71W
  • Charger Rated Input Voltage : 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Battery Charge Limiting Voltage : 42V

Features :

  • Model: ES2 Kick Scooter
  • Type: Escooter
  • Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • ES2 Unfolded Dimension: 1020mm (L) x 430mm (W) x 1130mm (H)
  • ES2 Folded Dimension: 1130mm (L) x 430mm (W) x 400mm (H)
  • Box Dimension: 1078mm (L) x 194mm (W) x 377mm (H)
  • Gross Weight: 16.2 kg
  • Max Speed: up to 25 km/h
  • Max Climbing Angle: 10 degree
  • IP Grade: IP54
  • Front TyreSize: 8 Inch (PunctureProof)
  • Rear TyreSize: 7.5 Inch (PunctureProof)
  • Motor Power: 300 W
  • Battery: LG Lithium-ion 187 Wh
  • Recharge Time: Approx 3.5 hour
  • Travel Distance: 25 km
  • Net Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Rider’s Max Weight: 100 kg

Features :

  • Model: L1-1
  • LTA compliant: Yes
  • UL2272 certified: Yes
  • Motor: 36V 250W Brushless Motor
  • Range (Battery): 20-25 km 7.5AH
  • Nett Weight: 13kg
  • Additional Feature: App (Bluetooth): Self Diagnostic
  • ES2 Folded Dimension: 1130mm (L) x 430mm (W) x 400mm (H)
  • Box Dimension: 1078mm (L) x 194mm (W) x 377mm (H)
  • Rider’s Max Weight: 100 kg
  • Max Speed: up to 25 km/h
  • Max Climbing Angle: 10 degree
  • IP Grade: IP54
  • Front TyreSize: 8 Inch (PunctureProof)
  • Rear TyreSize: 7.5 Inch (PunctureProof)
  • Motor Power: 300 W
  • Battery: LG Lithium-ion 187 Wh
  • Recharge Time: Approx 3.5 hour
  • Travel Distance: 25 km
  • Gross Weight: 16.2 kg
  • Net Weight: 12.5 kg

Features :

  • Motor: 24V 250W Brushless Motor
  • Drive: Front Drive
  • Max Load : 100kg
  • Max Speed (No load): 24 km/h
  • Gradeability: 6°
  • Throttle: Thumb Throttle
  • Battery Type: High Quality 18650 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Range (Battery): 8 – 10 km 4AH
  • Charging Time: 2 – 4 hours
  • Front Tyre: 5.5” Solid Rubber
  • Rear Tyre : 5.5” Solid Rubber
  • Suspension: No
  • Front Light: Yes
  • Rear Light: Reflector Only
  • Front Brake: eABS
  • Rear Brake: Fender Brake
  • Unfolded Dimension ( L x B x H ): 1020 x 420 x 950 mm
  • Folded Dimension ( L x B x H ): 1020 x 420 x 270 mm
  • Width: 420 mm
  • Nett Weight: 8kg
  • Gross Weight (With Product Packaging): 10kg
  • Built-in Seat: Not Available
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Additional Feature: USB charging port
  • Limited Warranty: 3 months (Carry-in)
  • Safety Standard: Singapore Safety Mark (Charger), UL2272
  • UL2272 Certified: Yes
  • Disclaimer: Product specifications subjected to change without notice

Features :

  • Motor: 36V 350W Brushless Motor
  • Drive: Rear Drive
  • Max Load : 100kg
  • Max Speed (No load): 25 km/h
  • Reverse Speed (No load): Not Applicable
  • Gradeability:10°
  • Throttle: Thumb Throttle
  • Battery Type: High Quality 18650 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Range (Battery): 55 – 65 km 15AH
  • Charging Time : 5 – 7 hours
  • Front Tyre: 10″ Pneumatic Tubeless
  • Rear Tyre : 10″ Pneumatic Tubeless
  • Suspension: Front and Rear Spring Suspension
  • Front Light: Yes
  • Rear Light: Yes
  • Front Brake: Drum Brake
  • Rear Brake: eABS
  • Unfolded Dimension ( L x B x H ): 1167 x 472 x 1203 mm
  • Folded Dimension ( L x B x H ):1167 x 472 x 534 mm
  • Width: 472 mm
  • Nett Weight: 19kg
  • Gross Weight (With Product Packaging): 22kg
  • Built-in Seat: Not Available
  • Optional Add-on Seat: Adult Seat
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Additional Feature: Anti-theft Alarm System, App (Bluetooth): Password lock
  • Limited Warranty: 12 months
  • Safety Standard: LTA Compliant, Singapore Safety Mark (Charger), UL2272
  • UL2272 Certified: Yes
  • Disclaimer: Product specifications subjected to change without notice

Features :

  • Brand: Ninebot by Segway
  • Model: KickScooter MAX
  • Max Distance Range: up to 65km
  • Motor Power: 350W
  • Battery: 551Wh / 36V/ 15Ah
  • Tyre Size: 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres (Self-healing feature)
  • Unfolded Dimension: 1167mm (L) x 472mm (W) x 1203mm (H)
  • Folded Dimension: 1167mm (L) x 472mm (W) x 532mm (H)
  • Net Weight: 18.9kg
  • Max Weight Load: 100kg
  • Max Speed: up to 25 km/h
  • Max Climbing Angle: 15 degree
  • IP rating: IPX5
  • Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Box Dimension: 1200mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 600mm (H)
  • Gross Weight: 20kg
  • Charging Time: Approx. 6hrs

Features :

  • Transmission: 36V 8.5 inch Brushless Hub motor
  • Battery: Li-Ion 36V 10.4 Ah
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Charge time: 4-5 hrs for full charge
  • Top Speed: Configurable betw 17 and 25 km/h
  • Top Range: 30 km

The INOKIM LIGHT has a more compact and streamline design compared to the more rugged INOKIM Quick series. Outfitted with smaller 8.5 inch tires and a lighter body at 12kg, the Light version definitely folds more compactly.The Light would appeal more to the urban commuter and is the true last mile solution whereas the Quick is more a longer range scooter.Braking System: Rear drum brakes. Loading Capacity: 100 kg. Tires: 8.5 inch pneumatic tires front and rear. Accessories: LCD Display, Bell. Comes with Charger and manual guide.

Features :

  • Motor Power :52V 600W Brushless DC HUB MOTOR
  • Available Battery Capacity13AH (~45km) 26AH (~85km) 30.5AH (~100km)
  • Charging Time4-6 hours for 13AH 6-8 hours for 26AH and aboveRange (Varies across weight of user, riding conditions, riding environment)13AH (~45km) 26AH (~85km) 30.5AH (~100km)
  • Gradeability : Approx 27 degree
  • Max load140-150kg
  • Unfolding size121 x 57.5 x 118cm
  • Folding size124 x 25 x 40cm
  • Suspension : Hydraulic spring suspension (Front) + Air suspension (Rear)
  • Brake system : Disc brake(Front & Rear) + Electric brake
  • Materials : CNC method
  • casting: Special aluminium alloy and ABS cover
  • Warranty 6 months standard limited warranty (excludes damage from rider’s usage and water damages)

Features :

  • It’s the 2nd gereration of inokim quick 2, come with front light, rear light. it’s exactly same with the quick 3 exept the name is still quick 2
  • Travels as speeds up to 25km/hr
  • Carries up to 120kg
  • A full charge will travel 55KM
  • LCD Digital Speedmeter and Battery Display
  • Collapsible Handlebar
  • Built in Carrying Handle

Features :

  • Detachable Battery Pack
  • Smart Phone App control
  • Compliant with LTA regulation
  • Double shock-absorber 
  • 8 inches anti slip, anti puncture & ump free durable tyre
  • Speed up 25km/h
  • Unique dual handle bar light indicator
  • Smart touchscreen display 
  • Easy fold design 
  • 3 Month warranty (T&C apply)