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A baby cot, as the name sounds, is a small type of baby cot that is made specially for small babies and infants. So, if your baby is below three to four years of age, then he or she can best make use of baby cots or baby cribs bed.

The best part of this baby cot bed is that the moment your baby is in a deep sleep or even enjoying his games and toys, in the bed or cot, he or she does not have to be watched.

So, you may not have to keep an eye on him or her for security reasons the moment he or she is resting in his safety cot. The cages are made up of durable material, generally wood or high quality fiber, that helps to offer maximum protection to the baby.

There are different types of baby cribs and baby beds that are available in unlimited designs and styles. For present time mothers, who are busy with schedules most of the time, usually find these beds and cots more protective for their babies.

Necessity of using a baby cot

So, why do moms need a baby cot wooden? Well, the answer is “Safety.”

Big beds or cots certainly are never considered a safe option for your infant child. If your baby is between 0 to 3 years of age, then it is obvious that he or she may not be much aware and alert when in sleep mode.

As per experts, most babies are always in their deep sleep mode, as during the day times they are usually restless. When sleeping, babies tend to keep shifting their sleep positions.

Some of them may be so restless in sleep that they could also move as much as few meters away from the safety zone.

If that happens, then it is obvious that there are chances that the baby might fall out of the bed when not being watched by moms. To prevent this from happening, and to ensure that babies have a good night’s sleep, baby cots and baby beds play a major role in their life.

The design of these beds is such that they offer kids and infants with the best level of protection so they can enjoy best night’s sleep.

The beds are also designed to help moms save their time to spend on their busy schedules working in a kitchen or even performing other types of activities. When the kids are in the bed moms can ensure that they are in their safe zones.

There are different types of baby cot designs that you can find in the local market. Some of them are foldable types that are portable and can be multiple functional types, while others are more durable types designed to be placed in corners of the room.

The main need for baby cots for moms is to offer the best level security to the kids while resting. With these cots it is obvious that each kid can have his or her own personal zone, where he or she can get indulged in sleep or play activities.

Our Best Picks

Features :

  • Suitable from birth to 6 years
  • 4 adjustable heights (28cm, 43cm, 58cm, 79cm from floor)
  • Removable / lockable castor wheels
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Colour – White to fit any decor
  • Premium New Zealand pine wood
  • Complies with European Safety Standard – EN 716
  • Extra one square bed rail for toddler bed
  • Extra one white board for study desk

Features :

  • *To safely use the bundle, please remember to wrap the fitted sheet around the mattress and mattress board together.
  • Ultra secure frame with exposed tubing
  • Full size bassinet
  • Bassinet removes and attaches easily
  • 2 integrated wheels
  • Mesh lined for ventilation on all four sides
  • Elevated, draught resistant base
  • Simple, push button fold
  • Compact, folded package
  • Carry bag included
  • Zipper side entry

Features :

  • Bassinet designed to fold with your playard for easy set-up and take-down
  • Folding feet and wheels allow for 20% more compact fold
  • Removable, full-size bassinet is perfect for napping
  • Toy bar features soft toys to amuse your baby
  • Signature Graco® push-button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle-free
  • Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage
  • This comes with 2-year local distributor warranty (Puku Singapore)
  • The actual product will be slightly different from the video as the video 


Features :

  • The Dolce Luce cradle 120x60cm combines the sweetest design with the most innovative technology that allows you join the cradle to a soft LED lighting system providing accompaniment and vigilance. Designed and manufactured in Spain with beech wood from sustainable forests.
  • The Dolce Luce Collection comprises of a cradle and bathtub available in three colours: white sand and berlin grey.
  • Incorporates as standard RELAX SYSTEM a practical system by means of which you can place the mattress of the cradle in two different positions: in a horizontal position and one with an inclination of 7º to 10º without needing to get the baby out of the cradle or to wake him up.
  • Free 2 Year Local Warranty
  • Free Delivery & Installation
  • Free 4″ Anti Dust Mite Foam Mattress, Upgrades Available
  • Made In Spain

Features :

  • Made of Solid Beech wood.
  • Convenient drawer that can be used from both sides. 2 compartment drawer.
  • Solid beech slatted mattress base, with non-toxic paint finish.
  • Featuring a Prima Nanna Mattress base double position:
  • Mattress base is adjustable in two different positions, the highest is the best for the first months of use to facilitate mums movements.
  • Exterior Size: W70 x W130 x H104cm
  • Mattress size: W63x L125 x H10cm
  • 2 Adjustable Height
  • 3 Adjustable pattern
  • Able to withstand weight: 40kg
  • The sides conform to safety standards, covered with non-toxic, bite-resistant coating.
  • Rounded edges and non-toxic paints for maximum safety.
  • 4 Castors, two braked.
  • Low environmental impact product.
  • Designed and made in Italy.
  • SAFETY: Italbaby cots are produced according to safety EU standards of EN 716. Certified product.

Features :

1. Shake Lightly to Sleep
2. Removable & Washable
3. Spliced with large beds
4. Silent Move
5. Mesh Design
6. Prevent Milk Spills
7. Soft & Crista-protecting
8. Free Assembly

Features :

  • Premium motor with remote control
  • Function (speed, music, timer)
  • Quiet, Slow and safe
  • come with 7pcs springs
  • Japan branded motor
  • With local seller warranty(SINGAPORE)
  • Fast delivery (1-2days)

Motor function:

  • Using remote control to adjust speed and music.
  • 5 level of speed adjustment. (* Speed level 1 is suit for new born. slow and safe)
  • Motor is quiet, slow and safe.
  • Come with 7pcs springs (add on springs when baby weight increase)

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