The Best Wine Coolers in Singapore 2023

The Best Wine Chillers – Buying Guide …

The types of wine refrigerator 

  • Single zone cooling refrigerators.
  • Dual zone cooling refrigerators.

Various fitting styles of wine refrigerator 

  • Built in wine coolers.
  • free standing wine fridges.
  • Counter-top wine fridges.

Single Zone Wine Cooler

A wine refrigerator with only one cooling temperature is considered a single zone wine cooler. There is one temperature control. And the wine is all kept at that same temperature. This is a perfect small wine cooler fridge for first-time purchasers. Or, it works for wine drinkers that only tend to drink red wine or White wine in other words, it could work as a great red wine fridge or a white wine fridge. But, it is possible to keep both red and white wine in a single zone, it just means your red wine would be kept a little chilled as well. This is not a bad thing for long-term wine storage. But if you don’t generally refrigerate red wine to drink, you would want to remove the red from the wine bottle cooler a little before serving, to get it to normal room temperature.


  1. Perfect for a first-time wine cooler refrigerator purchase
  2. Can be less expensive than dual zone wine coolers
  3. Often come as countertop wine fridge options or even as a horizontal wine fridge

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Dual zone wine refrigerators have two sections to them, generally with one section kept slightly cooler than the other. This is a good wine fridge for people who store both red and white wine. It’s possible to keep the white wine cooler than the red by adjusting the wine storage temperature. And, just because it is a dual zone, it doesn’t mean you are limited to larger wine storage options. It’s possible to have a small wine fridge that is still dual zone, but they tend to be a little more expensive than a single zone wine fridge.


  1. A dual wine cooler works for a budding wine connoisseur
  2. A dual zone wine cooler keeps both reds and whites at their optimal temperature
  3. It’s a better option for people looking for a wine frigerator to store red wine long-term

Built in wine coolers.

A built in wine cooler fridge is one that slides into your kitchen cabinet. You can also buy and install a wine refrigerator cabinet into an already finished kitchen. The under counter wine refrigerators have special ventilation that allows them to be installed within a cabinet.

Although built in wine refrigerators can be super cool, they tend to be more expensive because of the ventilation needed. It’s also important to only buy a built in wine cooler that specifically says it is built in. It must specifically be a built in wine refrigerator. And built in wine coolers can also be a wine and beverage fridge, allowing options to store more than just wine.

Free standing wine cooler

The opposite of a built-in wine fridge is one that is free standing. These wine coolers can include either single zone or dual zone wine refrigerators. The benefit is that they do not need to be installed, and can be placed anywhere in your home that has space and an electric outlet. And, a free-standing home wine cooler doesn’t necessarily mean big. There are different wine cooler dimensions and a slim wine fridge or a tall wine fridge might be the best small wine fridge for yo Most small wine refrigerators are made to sit directly on the floor or are an under counter wine cooler. But, it is possible to purchase a wine and beverage cooler that actually sits on top of a counter. Generally, a countertop wine cooler is smaller, maybe 6 bottles or so, although larger countertop wine coolers do exist. They would most likely be a single zone countertop wine fridge. And, they are a great idea for someone who wants to keep wine cool, more than store wine for the long haul. It’s also possible to put counter top wine coolers on a wine fridge stand

Counter-top wine cooler

Countertop coolers come with either single zone cooling or dual zone cooling. Single zone cooling have only one cooling area and a single temperature control. This is ideal for people who want to store whites or reds only. On the other hand, dual zone cooling have two cooling zones and perfect for those who have a larger wine collection.
The size of countertop wine cooler you should choose depends on how much bottles of wine you need to store. If you have a larger collection, a bigger countertop cooler will be perfect. If you are a starter, a smaller one will suffice
Apart from being stylish and adding a great touch to your room décor, countertop wine coolers are more versatile items. There are more benefits to using them which include:


    • Customize the temperature of the fridge to one that creates the perfect climate for ageing your wine as a result bringing out the true full flavor of the wines in the long-term.
    • Provide a stable temperature in both the short and long term as compared t: o the temperature of regular refrigerator which is not stable.
    • They help in freeing up storage space in your regular refrigerator for the storage of other items.
    •  They limit the amount of natural light that the wines are exposed to with either solid or glass doors with built-in light protection. Extended exposure to light can destroy your wines’ flavor.
    • They provide heavy insulation which maintains constant humidity which is essential for ageing your wine properly.

Storage Tips

  1. store wine away from vibration. This means not putting it next to a washing machine or dishwasher.
  2. store wine bottles on their side. This keeps the corks moist and prevents them from drying out and breaking In the long term, this also helps wines from becoming corked or going bad
  3. think about where in your house you place your wine refrigerator. If storing wine for the long term, think about what the alternative if your house loses power for a few days or while you are on holiday.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the Best Wine Refrigerator Option – Single or Dual Zone?

There are two types of wine consumers

1) wine drinker, a single zone wine cooler is probably sufficient and can be a good value. You will most likely only chill white wine or sparkling wine.

2) Wine collector, you may have both red and white wines that you want to lay down, to store, for months or even years, then a dual zone wine fridge might be worth the investment. More expensive red wines are happiest in a controlled temperature environment, one that doesn’t deviate much between the highs and the lows. That’s what makes a dual zone wine fridge a great option for a budding wine connoisseur. Is it worth it to spend a few hundred dollars more on a quality wine cooler in order to make the most of your wine investments? This is the best way to control the temperature to approximate a more professional wine cellar temperature.

What are the parameters to be considered while purchasing wine chillers?


First is the size of the space you have available. We had plenty of space and didn’t need to worry. If you are trying to fit your fridge in between cabinets or in between pieces of furniture it’s important to measure the space and ensure you will have room for the fridge. This also includes ensuring you have space to actually open the door. Some wine fridges open to the right, some to the left, and some have doors that can swing both ways.

Number Of Bottles

Next is the number of bottles. We had a 75 bottle wine fridge and we filled it to the brim! For any serious wine drinker, I wouldn’t recommend a wine fridge less than 12 or 18 bottles. Think about how many bottles you have in your home right now. Think about how many bottles you want to store, and then think bigger. Often times people think they want a smaller fridge but within a few months, they wish they had more space. Think for the future when making this investment.

Compressor Vs Thermoelectric Cooling

One of the common features you might see when shopping for a wine fridge relate to the type of cooling mechanism. Wine refrigerators use either thermoelectric cooling or a compressor. Wine fridges that use a compressor have a cooling element just like a regular kitchen refrigerator. They are powerful, but can be more noisy.

Thermoelectric cooling is popular in wine coolers because they are quieter and more energy efficient. They also produce less vibration, which is better for the wine. Whereas a compressor pushes out cold air, a thermoelectric cools without pushing out cold air.

Is The Dual Zone Wine Best Fridge For You?

Taking all of this into consideration, is a dual zone wine cooler right for you. It depends on your reason for having a wine cooler and what you plan to do with it. If your goal is to store red wine at a constant temperature for the long term, then a single zone is probably enough. If your goal is to keep white wine and sparkling wine cold and ready to drink, a single zone wine cooler is probably sufficient. If you plan on storing red wine for long term storage as well as white wine to be ready to drink, then a dual zone wine chiller is the right wine fridge for you.

The other issue is how many bottles you would like to store, which often coincides with how much space is available. If you are looking to keep a handful of bottles cool and ready to drink, a small six or 12 bottle wine fridge with a single zone is probably sufficient. In fact, it is hard to find dual zone 12 bottle wine fridges. Almost all six bottle wine coolers are single zone. 

Is a Dual Temperature Wine Fridge Worth to buy?

Not all wine enthusiasts will need a dual-zone wine fridge, unless you’re into higher-end wines or drink both white and red varietals on a regular basis. White wines and red wines should be kept at slightly different storage temperatures if you only have a single-temperature wine fridge, it means one of your favorite wine styles might be slightly off from how you normally enjoy it.

Depending on how many bottles you plan to store, you may find the price difference is not that significant, and the higher price may be worth it as you expand both your wine knowledge and your wine collection.

What is the Best Wine Fridge?

It’s not necessary to have a wine room or expensive wine cellar in your home. By choosing the right wine refrigerator, it’s possible to store both red and white wine, this blog will  make purchasing your first (or next) wine refrigerator as pain-free as possible.   Purchasing one of the best small wine coolers should be fun and exciting.

What is an ideal temperature for wine storage?

There is an ideal temperature for wine storage and it differs for red and white wine. These rules apply for storing wine, not necessarily drinking wine. All wine refrigerators have temperature controls that allow you to set the right temperature for your wine, normally within a range.

For example, you can’t set your wine fridge to freeze ice cubes like you can your kitchen fridge. A dual temperature wine cooler will allow you to set two different temperatures, one for red wine and one for white wine. But, what is the ideal temperature for wine?

Ideal Temperature For Red Wine 

The ideal temperature for red wine is between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a pretty big range and can depend on the type of wine you store. Lighter body wines, like pinot noir, should be kept on the cooler side. Fuller body reds, like Bordeaux wines should be kept on the warmer side. This is because of the effect of tannins on wine. My preference is for something around 60-62 degrees.

Ideal Temperature For White Wine

The ideal temperature for white wine that is being stored is slightly cooler. Most people recommend between 49 and 55 degrees. This is probably a little warm for peoples’ preferences when it comes to drinking white wine. I recommend placing a white in a regular fridge or a single bottle wine cooler just before drinking if you like cold white wine.

Of course, the wine pros say white wine should be served at just below room temperature in order to maximize the flavors. I still like my white wine cold, particularly young white wines

When should you choose a wine chiller rather than wine fridges?

it’s worthwhile to choose among the best wine fridge options above if you are a wine collector, or drink a lot of wine. If you only drink a bottle of white wine on occasion, then the best wine cooler for you might be a wine chiller.

Best Wine coolers in Singapore

A wine collector always requires a cool place to store collection of expensive wines. Storing them in a refrigerator would not be ideal as it would make the wine too cold which is not preferred. On the other hand, storing them at room temperature would not give you the chilled wine you desire. Thus, a wine chiller is the ideal appliance to have in your home if you are passionate in collecting and storing wine.

Wine refrigerators are ideal for storing wine because they can maintain the ideal temperature for wine storage regardless of the outside environment. One of the problems with long-term wine storage is that the temperature of your home fluctuates over time. Between heat in the winter and air con in the summer, there are huge differences in temperature and humidity.
Even if you keep your home at a steady temperature, what happens when you head out on holiday and turn the air con off? Temperature changes, as well as changes in humidity and light, can affect the taste of any wine you are storing for the future. It can also affect wine that you plan on drinking in the near future.
It is why wine is aged in a cellar, in dark spaces. It is why nice restaurants store their wine in temperature controlled cellars and refrigerators. ​

Wine coolers are like mini refrigerators that make the perfect storage space for your wine bottles. Moreover, they also manage to store your wine at an optimum temperature required to keep them cool. After doing many hours of research we found some best wine coolers as below, I am sure you will end up buying the best one according to your need

Our Best Picks . . .

1. EWC 1331S 33 Bottles Wine Cooler w Clear Glass Door

  • 33 Bottles
    Black Door Frame with Recessed Handle
  • 3 Layered CLEAR Glass Door
  • Anti-Vibration
  • Chrome Shelves
  • Soft LED Interior Lights
  • Touch-Panel Control

EWC 1331S 33 Bottles Wine Cooler w Clear Glass Door has 5 Years Compressor Warranty

2. Farfalla 12 Bottle Wine Cooler FWC-40BK

  • ThermoelectricCooling WineChiller
  • No Vibration
  • No Freon Gas
  • 2-Layered Anti-Violet Tinted Glass Door To Block Harmful Ultra Violet Rays
  • Interior & Exterior Color: Black
  • Shelves : 4 stainless steel racks
  • 2 layers glass door
  • 12 bts, 40L Semi-Conductor
  • Analog Control
  • Cooling System: Thermoelectric
  • Capacity (bottle-volumes): 12 Bottles – 40L
  • Semi-Conductor
  • Cooling System:
  • Thermoelectric Temperature Range: 12°C – 18°C
  • Temperature Zone & Control: Single – Analogue
  • Net Weight : 13.8 kg
  • 12 months parts and service warranty
  • Dimensions (mm) : 365 (W) x 570 (D) x 500 (H)

12 Accessible Wine Bottles(750ml)
Variable Analog Temperature Gauge Drinking Temperature Between (7C – 17C) Degrees

3. FARFALLA 12 Bottle Wine Cooler FWC-12TBK

  • Cooling system: Thermoelectric
  • Capacity (bottle – volume): 12 bottles – 40L LED interior light
  • Voltage – power rating: 220V-240V / 50-60Hz / 70W
  • Temperature range: 12°C–18°C
  • Temperature zone & control: Single / Analogue
  • Humidity: >70% RH
  • Net weight & gross weight: 13.8 kg
  • Interior & exterior: Black in colour
  • Shelves – glass door: 6 Stainless steel racks /
  • 2 layers glass door
    Warranty: 12 months parts & 24 services
  • Product Dimension (mm): (W)280 x (D)570 x (H)680

12 Accessible Wine Bottles(750ml) 

Variable Analog Temperature Gauge Drinking Temperature Between (7C – 17C) Degrees

4. Aerogaz Wine Cooler with Touch control AZ-120C

  • 12 Bottles capacity
  • Reduced noise operation (38dB)
  • Soft sensor touch LCD control
  • Anti-UV mirror glass door
  • Detachable air filter for easy cleaning
  • No vibration
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • careV

Aerogaz is a pioneering brand for home appliances, specializing in hobs, hoods and instant water heaters since 2003. Aerogaz provides a range of high quality and affordable household products for the Singapore market, which are also widely distributed and marketed throughout the ASEAN region.

Aerogaz is a Aerogaz currently operates its very own manufacturing units in Malaysia and China. All Aerogaz products are subjected to stringent quality checks, compliance to international quality standards, and certified before its release. Appliances and components from third party manufacturers are always carefully selected and meticulously tested before it is used or branded under Aerogaz.


  • Brand
  • SKU
  • Model

·Cooling system: Thermoelectric·Capacity(bottle–volumes): 12Bottles – 40L·Voltage – PowerRating: 220V-240V / 50-60 Hz/ 70W·Temperaturerange: 12°C–18°C·Temperature zone& control: Single – Digital·Humidity: >70% RH ·Net weight &gross weight: 13.8kg ·Interior &exterior: Black incolour·Shelves – glassdoor: 6 Wooden racks /2 layers glass door·Warranty: 12 monthsparts & 24 services·Product Dimension(mm): (W)280 x (D)570 x (H)695

6.PowerPac 50L Mini Bar Fridge (PPBF555)

  • Energy saving compressor
  • Super micro-hole foaming layer, with good insulation technology
  • Optimal door seal design
  • Anti-bacterial interior
  • Low noise and fast cooling
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • 70W
  • Weight (kg): 17
  • Dimension (cm): L46X W47X H51
  • Safety Mark 170315-12

It is good compact size to fit in a small corner.

7. PowerPac 71L 2 Door Mini Bar Fridge with Freezer (PPF85)

  • Energy efficient compressor
  • 10 years warranty on compressor
  • 2 years warrantyon parts and components
  • Optimal door seal design
  • Fridge/Freezer compartment size:49L / 22L
  • Refrigerant: R600a(32g)
  • Weight (kg): 26KG
  • Rated power:75W
  • Dimension (cm): L48 X W44.5X H84.5cm
  • Safety Mark 171366-12

Energy efficient compressor10 years warranty on compressor2 years warranty on parts and components Optimal door seal designFridge/Freezer compartment

8.Midea 45L One Door Bar Fridge /Mini Bar / Mini Fridge MS-50 Local Official 10 Years Warranty ★FREE SHIPPING★Z

  • Midea 45L One Door Bar Fridge /Mini Bar / Mini Fridge MS-50 Local Official 10 Years Warranty ★FREE SHIPPING★

Keep food fresh in LG New LINEAR Cooling™ (Constant Temperature Control).
LINEAR Cooling™ makes temperature fluctuation within ±0.5℃ and provides freshness of the first time longer than conventional cooling system.
Steady, even temperature in every time is core indicator to freshness.

Moist Balance Crisper™ incorporates an innovative lattice-patterned box cover which maintains the moisture at the optimal level. Excess moisture from the stored food is evaporated then is condensed on the lattice-pattern box cover

9. Midea MS50 Mini Bar Fridge Mini Fridge

  • Total Capacity: 48L(Net)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 472 X 492 X 450
  • Eco-friendly Certification(s): 2 Ticks
  • Eco-friendly Features: R600A
  • Reversible Door Swing: NA

Twin Cooling Plus™  ​

Midea 50L Bar Fridge2 Ticks1 Year Parts & Labour Local Warranty

Mechanical Temperature Control

Separate Chiller Compartment

Reversible Door


  • Model LBF123
  • Gross Capacity 123L
  • Color White
  • Adjustable leg CB
  • Door number Single
  • Voltage/HZ 220V/50HZ
  • Refrigerant R600a
  • Net Weight 29KG
  • Machine dimension 524*532*831mm
  • Energy Rating: 2 Ticks (Fair)

It is highly rated product fro users.


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