The Best Microwave Oven in Singapore

With electric oven you can cook many dishes such as kebabs, tandoori chicken, cakes, bread or baked lasagna very fast compared to microwave ovens as in electric oven heat circulates through fan evenly in all area of oven, it make food brown and crispy, and it is considered as healthy cooking as it requires less oil in cooking or you can cook without oil itself

Browsing through many electric ovens available in market and choose the best one is tough task in busy schedule nowadays, after doing research for long hours we have listed some of the best electric ovens based on various parameters such as features, capacity etc, we are sure that the given information will help you in making the perfect choice as per your need.


  • 5 microwave power levels
  • 4 digit green backlit LCD
  • Push button door opening
  • Auto defrost
  • 20 litre capacity
  • 9 auto reheat menus

Auto Cooking technology lets you cook food by simply setting the weight, it has Auto Defrost, Auto Cook, and Auto Reheat functionality

It’s quick 30 function enables you to set cooking time for 30 seconds quickly and simply without selecting any additional settings


  • 25 L Solo Microwave Oven
  • 800 W Cooking Power
  • 9 Auto Cooking Menus
  • Quick 30 Function 

it’s Auto cooking function lets you cooking by simply setting the weight

it’s quick 30 function enables you to set cooking time for 30 seconds quickly and simply without selecting any additional settings

it’s add time function allows you to add extra heating by pressing this button when you want to heat something bit more after coking or heating it.

3. LG MJ3965BGS Smart Inverter Microwave Oven (39L)

  • Easy Clean Coating (Antibacterial): Yes
  • Smart Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Turntable Size (mm): Φ360
  • Stable Turntable: Yes
  • Lamp: LED Lamp

Healthy cooking- it let you prepare dishes which r healthy using healthy roasting and healthy frying function

it’s easy clean anti bacterial coating makes cleaning simple and convenient

it has interior white LED lamp which allows to check on the food’s status without opening oven

The new generation of the NeoChef® microwave oven is more compact than its predecessor, but with a much larger interior capacity. The compact size means it can fit into even the smallest kitchens but provides enough room for tall or wide dishes

4. Samsung Combi, Grill Convection Microwave Oven MC28H5015AS

  • Pre-set Cooking Modes
  • Dough Proof/ Yogurt Function
  • Deodorization Setting
  • Preprogrammed for your convenience

Using it’s fermentation function you can enjoy homemade dough and yogurt anytime in the day using just right temperature

You can confidentally and conveniently cook everything from broccoli to brown rice boneless chicken breast etc, you can disable turntable to utilize every inch of interior space, Strong odour will not linger inside the Smasung MC28 Smart Oven, simply select the deodorisation setting to force interior ait outside to dissipate odours in the oven, it has ceramic em\nameled interior which is easy in cleaning and protect against scratches, even at rest some microwave ovens use power to maintain essential functions but this smart oven reduces power usage by setting ECO mode on

5. Electrolux EMM2022MK Microwave Oven

  • 5 Power Levels
  • Auto off timer
  • Quick Defrost
  • Simple Defrost

Cooking becomes safe and effortless with this family-friendly appliance. Between one-touch defrost and auto off-timers, creating delicious meals from quick, easy and healthy dinner recipes every day will be a breeze.

The Electrolux Microwave Oven quickly and easily defrost frozen meat and seafood with simple touch of a button.

Easy-to-use intuitive controls make your microwave oven a joy to use

6. Sharp R-72A1 Compact Grill Microwave 25L

  • Powerful output (900W) for quick and efficient cooking
  • 25L capacity with 315mm glass turntable
  • Easy-to-use door with handle
  • Touch Control
  • 8 Auto Menus
  • Clock & Kitchen Timer

it is good product and works perfectly, most users recommended it

7. Cornell CMO-S20L 20L Microwave Oven

  • 5 Power level
  • Defrost setting
  • Cooking end signal
  • Push handle door
  • 20L Capacity
  • Power 1050W

you can apply 35 min manual timer with this oven, it is the cheaper and best oven option for your daily baking needs.

8. EuropAce 20L Microwave Oven - EMW 1202S

  • Compact 20 Litres Capacity
  • 35 Minutes Timer
  • Defrost Setting
  • Pull-open Door
  • 5 Power Level
  • 255mm Diameter Turntable
  • Easy operation by Dial Control

It can reheat, warm, defrost, and cook your food as efficiently as any convection microwave oven can.

This microwave oven is a simple but effective appliance. It has excellent looks and performs exceedingly well at the same time. It is one of the best solo microwave ovens for home use

9. Samsung MS28J5255UB Microwave Oven 28L (Black)

  • 1000W
  • Steam cooking
  • warming drawer
  • Ceramic enamel Cavity Coating
  • Deodorisation
  • Turntable on/off

The Plate Warming is to keep dishes quickly (within max.5 minutes) and perfectly warm until you’re ready to serve. You can choose two kinds of warming modes (Hot, Mild) depend on type of food. The MS28J5255UB microwave oven features a smooth ceramic interior that is easy to clean and won’t scratch or discolour over time. 99.9% anti-bacterial protection and scratch-resistant interior is made to last.

Up to 16 recipes are preprogrammed for your convenience. Easily cook everything-from green beans to brown rice, boneless chicken breast to Grilled salmon steaks-confident that the result will be moist and flavorful food.

The MS28J5255UB has the world’s lowest standby power consumption.Consumers can save 40% on standby energy.

Power Defrost lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly. Food won’t get soggy. Defrost frozen to their freshest state, so you and your famliy can enjoy delicious food whenever you want.

10. Panasonic NN-ST25J Compact 800W Microwave Oven 20L

  • Auto reheat function automatically creates perfect results for consumption
  • Auto defrost enables no lost of waiting time
  • Touch panel for easy usage
  • 9 auto menus for variety of cooking
  • 288mm wide turntable which allows more cooking space
  • Quick 30 feature: allow to set cooking time in 30 seconds increments up to 5 minutes at high power
  • Dimension WxHxD = 430 x 250 x 340 mm

Programs and five variable power levels to choose from, all you have to do is enter the food category and weight for each meal to be automatically cooked to perfection and also benefit from auto reheat and auto defrost modes to ensure that your food will be ready in a flash. An additional feature is the special child lock, providing extra security by ensuring that little fingers can’t cause any mischief.

It comes with some good features like Automatic Cooking Modes, Easy Touch Control
Stylish Design

20L capacity with a 255mm turntable Easy touch-panel control with digital display auto menus including Auto Reheat, Auto Defrost 800W 5 microwave cooking powerChild lock for added safety 5 microwave power levels 4 digit green back-lit LCDDoor opening lamp Push button door opening Glass door

Comes with a standard 1 Year Warranty

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